...Gastronomically speaking.

Bacon, a savory workhorse ingredient that lends an underpinning of hauntingly rich and complex flavor to a dish, frequently without celebration or menu credit will now finally have it’s heyday. Bacon belongs to the hedonist, the throw-caution-to-the-winds sort, who would eat a bacon sandwich, with a side of bacon. 

Bacon is an indulgence, the perfect combination of today’s two food taboos, salt and fat. However, rest assure your indulgence is not in vain, for bacon has a long rich history and by eating it you are supporting much of what makes america great. Bacon “made in america” has always carried a label of quality, but not all bacon is made equal. Bacon’s flavor, as with that of any charcuterie, directly reflects the meat that is being cured, so great bacon always starts with great pork belly most often from small farms. There are all kinds of high-quality american bacons on the market, smoked with hickory or corncobs, flavored with red pepper or molasses, some sweet, some salty. 

They come from the ozarks, from new england and from the upper south—mainly kentucky, north carolina, tennessee and virginia and all the way to california and in between. The bacons we’ve selected, along with having a superior flavor, all have simple beginnings, rich history, passion and fortitude of their makers to be connoisseurs of their craft.



Chef Peter Sherman is an emerging talent in a new and exciting food market that requires his multifaceted skill set. Chefs can no longer afford to stand on their food alone, they need to be personable and interesting, talented and innovative. They need to be as comfortable behind a camera as in the kitchen and willing to spend as much time with PR as on their recipes. They need to adapt to trends and remain at the forefront of the creative curve to stay in the limelight of the public eye. 

Peter has certainly paid his dues culinarily over the past decade, having worked for and under some of the best chefs in the world, Joel Robuchon L’Atelier, David Bouley’s Danube, April Bloomfield’s Breslin, Veritas and the Four Season’s Hotel. 
He was born and raised in New York, with a well-grounded affection & knowledge of New York City, its food scene & patrons that are second to none. In BarBacon, Peter has capitalized on his intimate knowledge & his considerable talent with menu’s focused on the single craving of bacon that has proven both underserviced & underappreciated. He has captured the public interest with his food & maintained a steady flow of press through a successful grassroots campaign without relying on an advertising firm driving it. 


Chef Nicholas Karoly joined BarBacon as Executive Chef in 2017, after working side-by-side with Gray Kunz in upstate New York. Nick has, in a short time, garnished an impressive resume with a career that spans from being a whole animal butcher at Fleisher’s Craft Butchery, to managing high end steakhouses, both in NYC and upstate New York. His talent and passion are the driving force behind the food and the menus created, in tandem, with BarBacon’s owner Peter Sherman.  Their collective talent and experience are now focused on BarBacon’s mission to showcase bacon at its very best, and to create new bacon-forward dishes in a casual setting. Their decades of fine dining experience under the best chefs in the world are now solely focused on the king of all meats, bacon.




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